LED for Pigmentation, Yes or No

February 16, 2021 Woman using LED device for pigmentation

We all know fashions come and go, but the one trend that hasn’t changed for decades is the desire for a bronzed and healthy skin. This trend, popularized in the 1920s by fashion icon Coco Chanel, was viewed as the sign of health and a degree of wealth and privilege. The trend and desire for the healthy glow has persisted through the decades – from the more affordable access to travel, the advent of the sunbed, and the emergence of advertising and marketing promoting the allure of a bronzed, toned physique equating to beauty.

Despite the proven link between sun exposure and skin cancer, attitudes towards sun tanning show little sign of abating. Eighty percent of the signs of aging are attributed to chronic sun exposure. Overexposure and subsequent damage also increase the amount of melanin production, particularly on the face, resulting in the increase in uneven skin tone and areas of hyperpigmentation. 

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Matt Kovach