Full-Body LED Light Therapy without the High Price Tag of a Bed

June 06, 2022 A man using a Celluma XL in his bed for a full-body LED light therapy treatment

In our fast-paced world, the pursuit of whole-body wellness has led many to explore alternative therapies. Many restorative wellness clinics have adopted services like cryotherapy, sauna therapy, float therapy, cold water plunge, and so much more that help the body repair to its normal self. Red light therapy in the form of full-body LED panels and LED beds is also a popular option when it comes to whole-body wellness.

Health and beauty experts will say there are inherent shortcomings to light therapy beds which is why many are now choosing our full-body LED blankets - the Celluma DELUX or Celluma DELUX XL. Read on to learn why it is a more versatile, affordable, and effective option than an LED bed.

Benefits of full-body light therapy

The benefits of light therapy have been heavily researched, documented, and experienced by millions. Low-level LED light energy works on the body at the cellular level, stimulating the mitochondria to produce more ATP (energy). Different combinations of light wavelengths are leveraged to produce a variety of benefits that include:

  • Whole body vitality
  • Improved circulation, mobility, and performance
  • Relaxation and rejuvenation
  • Enhanced immune response
  • Full-body treatment for acne, pimples, lesions
  • Alleviate aches and pains
  • Promotion of collagen and elastic production
  • Reduced fine lines and wrinkles
  • Effective treatment for hard-to-reach areas
  • Enhanced massage and acupuncture results
  • Accelerated post-surgery or post-workout recovery response
  • Faster wound healing response
  • Release daily stress

While many devices provide coverage for the face, parts of the body, or even small spot treatments, it just makes sense that people are looking for ways to treat more of their body at the same time. Why not the whole thing?

Learn more about the benefits of Celluma DELUX and DELUX XL here:

Full-body LED light therapy options

To understand the distinctions, we focus on two popular options:

  1. LED beds
  2. Full-body light therapy devices

Choosing the right full-body light therapy solution

Within these two options, it is important to consider several factors when investing in your wellness:

  • Cost
  • Design / Storability
  • The Overall Experience
  • Effective wavelengths of light energy

Let’s break down each one….

Cost Considerations

LED Beds are expensive

Probably the most important issue with LED light therapy beds is the higher price tag. LED light therapy beds can cost upwards of $50,000, which is a significant financial commitment. In fact, you can get a Tesla for less these days.

For most people, an at-home LED light therapy bed is not practical at all, and going to a clinic is the only option. Regular treatments can cost thousands of dollars every year, in addition to the time spent going to and from the treatment facility. As you age, the need for full-body light therapy to treat pain and skin will only increase, but your ability to pay for clinical treatments may not keep up.

Full-Body Light Therapy Panels (the affordable glow)

Light therapy panels are going to take up a much smaller footprint, be more portable, less heavy, and cost a lot less to produce and store. Thus, LED panels can be offered at a fraction of the price of LED beds. The Celluma DELUX and DELUX XL are the most cost-effective option at-home or in-clinic for those seeking the benefits of full-body light therapy without breaking the bank. At a retail price of $9,995 for our standard DELUX and $14,995 for our DELUX XL (for those taller than 5’6”), the issue of cost and space gets a lot more manageable.

Comparison of the full-body Celluma DELUX (left) and Celluma DELUX XL (right)

Design / Storability Considerations

LED Beds are enormous in size and heavy

First, consider how much real estate an at-home user would need to store an LED bed. An average-sized home may not have the option of building their own wellness room. Unlike full-body light therapy devices, LED beds are heavy, bulky, and impractical.

Moving homes? LED beds don’t come with wheels. Tack on some extra cost for a reputable mover and extra insurance in case they damage your prized possession.

Full-Body Light Therapy Panels (the portable, head-to-toe glow)

Size oftentimes doesn’t matter, but in this case, it does! With full-body panels like the Celluma DELUX/DELUX XL, you get head-to-toe coverage that contours closely to the treatment area. Also, the Celluma DELUX was designed to hang on the back of a door or in a closet when not in use, thus freeing up valuable space in your home or practice. Roll it up properly (lights on the inside), and you can put it in your car to take with you. The design of the Celluma DELUX XL is like 9 Celluma PRO’s, Celluma’s flagship device, in a single device. That’s a lot of coverage!

Consider The Experience

LED Beds

There are many reputable LED beds that provide safe and effective treatments for the entire body. To experience the benefits of an LED bed, most users will have to visit a spa or clinic for treatment.

Because of their size and rigidity, LED beds turn some people off and limit their total effectiveness. You’ll climb into a device and close the lid that will “sandwich” your body. The benefit is that many beds will produce light on both sides of your body. However, some can feel overwhelmed and claustrophobic inside the bed at a clinic away from the comforts of their own home.

If any part of an experience is uncomfortable, it’s ultimately going to limit your desire for treatments and reduce the potential outcome of regular light therapy.

Full-Body Light Therapy Panels – a zen-like experience

Moment of zen – full-body light therapy on the outdoor day bed

Full-body light therapy panels, by design, are more conducive to the needs and activities that influence our daily lives. The Celluma DELUX series is more like a weighted blanket that can be placed and contoured over the body for head-to-toe treatment coverage, which allows for close proximity to the skin, ultimately resulting in optimal treatment outcomes. The Celluma DELUX and DELUX XL are great to use in the comfort of your own home.

Because they are portable, flexible, and lightweight you can enjoy Celluma anywhere you like, especially outside!

Choose Efficacy in wavelengths!

LED Beds and wavelengths

There are many reputable LED beds that provide safe and effective treatments for the entire body. But their inherent design turns some people off and limits their total effectiveness. When you climb into a bed, you’re closed into a shell. What is most crucial here is that hard, fixed LED bed covers limit the amount of light energy that can be absorbed by the body as it is usually at quite a distance from the skin. In other words, you may have more light coverage, but the distance from light to skin is crucial in delivering light energy to the body’s cells.

Full-Body Light Therapy Panels harness maximum light energy per area

Optimal Light Absorption

All Celluma devices, including the DELUX, can be placed right on the skin and come with our patented, flexible, shape-taking design. This ability to contour to one’s body is a key factor in the proximity of the lights to the skin and maximizing the effectiveness of each treatment. No one else can offer this feature in a light therapy device.

Unlike a two-sided bed with a rounded cover that moves the diodes further away, the DELUX rests comfortably directly on the body so, based on the inverse square law, you are getting the most complete coverage and effective treatment possible.

FDA Cleared

Like all devices in the Celluma SERIES, the Celluma DELUX and DELUX XL are FDA-cleared to treat Acne, Aging, & Pain utilizing blue (465nm), red (640nm), and near-infrared (880nm) wavelengths depending on the treatment. Each of the Celluma SERIES of light therapy devices was created with the science in mind. Our technology, components, and treatment programs are designed for efficacy and safety while ensuring optimal results and ease-of-use by professionals and non-medically trained individuals alike.

FDA-cleared to treat Acne, Aging, & Pain utilizing blue (465nm), red (640nm), and near-infrared (880nm) wavelengths

Double-up your light therapy treatments

While using the Celluma DELUX, what about the treatment of the face, you ask?
Well, the Celluma SERIES of devices offers great coverage for facial issues by using the Celluma PRO/iPRO, LITE/iLITE, SKIN, RESTORE, FACE, or CLEAR, depending on the skin issue you are looking to treat.

You can place one of these shape-taking devices directly over the face to cover the entire face while treating the rest of your body as well.

Proper use of a full-body LED device

While you can’t lie directly on top of the DELUX, you can easily lie face down and still get complete coverage of the back of your body because, remember, the Celluma DELUX lies directly on top of the skin.

There is no issue of any body part not touching the diodes.

So, are LED beds worth it?

Expensive, heavy, and huge. All those factors will ultimately get in the way of regular treatments and limit your ability to get the health and wellness outcomes from full-body light therapy. It definitely makes you think twice.

The 3-mode Celluma DELUX and Celluma DELUX XL offers full-coverage light therapy with all the benefits of our flagship Celluma PRO in a whole-body design! Plus, you get the versatility of treating pain and skin conditions like acne, aging (wrinkles), and more. Celluma’s devices are all FDA-cleared for these treatments, and we are proud to have the most awarded LED devices, anywhere. Our products are trusted by thousands upon thousands of doctors, clinicians, and at-home users in 90+ countries around the world. Rest assured, if it works for them, it’s going to work for you.

Forget the expensive, massive, bulky LED beds and get a head-to-toe LED therapy panel that’s space-saving and at a fraction of the price of a clinical bed.

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